Full APM 1 Kit

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APM is a full-featured IMU-based autopilot that can be used for either airplanes or rotary wing aircraft, including quadcopters and other multicopters and traditional helicopters. The autopilot hardware is the same across all aircraft, and you can load whichever firmware is appropriate for the vehicle you've got via the free Mission Planner. (You may choose to add other sensors to improve performance for specific airframes, such as an airspeed sensor for airplanes or a magnetometer for mulitcopters).

All details and instructions can be found at each project's home page:

Arduplane home (fixed-wing guide)

Arducopter home (multicopter and heli guide)

Assembly and setup instructions

Firmware source code

This kit includes the following products:
- Mediatek GPS  + Basic Adapter
- APM , comes with the following accessory:
 3x16 Right Angle Pin Headers x1