3DR RTF Quad 2013

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Multicopters are easy to fly, can takeoff and land anywhere, and provide great platforms for using camera stabilization systems. With four motors and four arms, quadcopters are the classic model for multicopters with the most efficient and lightweight configuration.

The 3DR Quad features the award-winning APM 2.6 autopilot system and GPS navigation combined with an efficient quadrotor design. 3DR RTF Quad arrives completed wired and configured, just unfold the arms and legs, attach the propellers, and you're ready to fly. As part of the APM:Copter family, the 3DR Quad uses the full range of autonomous flight features supported by APM:Copter, including loiter, circle, return to launch, follow me, acrobatic flying mode, and more. Install free mission planning software to run pre-programmed waypoint missions and analyze flight data. Geofencing, robust failsafes, and a durable airframe provide preventative safety measures to give peace of mind. The 3DR Quad is an efficient, lightweight solution for aerial photography or any autonomous flight application with improved flight time over more powerful models.

Documentation and User Guides

Select from the options below to personalize your 3DR Ready-to-Fly Quad!

Motor Type: 3DR multicopters come standard with 850 Kv motors and 10" propellers, or upgrade to 880 Kv motors and 11" inch propellers for even more power.

Replacement Kit: Don't be caught off guard by unexpected surprises, add a replacement kit and get back in the air fast. The replacement kit includes two motors, two propellers, two arms, two legs, two electronic speed controllers, spare bolts, and extra spacers.

Telemetry Set: We highly recommended adding a 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit to your autonomous vehicle. Telemetry radios allow your ground station computer to communicate with your aircraft wirelessly, providing unparalleled ease of use for viewing real-time flight data, changing missions on the fly, tuning, and using a Android tablet as a ground station. Select 915 Mhz for the US and 433 Mhz for Europe. Arrives pre-configured with your RTF copter! The telemetry set includes an air module, ground module (USB connector), telemetry connector cable, two antennas, and a USB extension cable.

Camera Mount: Available exclusively with the 3DR RTF Quad! This camera mount provides automatic stabilization for standard size, point-and-shoot cameras. Assembly required.

Radio Control: Multicopters require a radio control system to be used as either primary or backup control. If you don't already have an RC transmitter and receiver, select one of the three radio control options (FlySky with FrSky DJT, Spektrum DX7, or Spektrum DX8) and we will connect and configure it for you!

OSD/FPV: Select the 3DR OSD/FPV Kit to stream live video from your APM:Copter with superimposed live telemetry data. Great for an immersive flying experience with complete in-the-air data. This kit includes a Sony HAD 520 line camera, MinimOSD on-screen-display module, 5.8 Ghz video transmitter and receiver pair, two 900 mAh LiPo batteries, and a specially designed Y-cable to allow you to use your Telemetry Radio and OSD using the same APM telemetry port. The 3DR OSD/FPV Kit comes pre-configured with your RTF copter!

Battery Kit: 3DR multicopters are powered by rechargeable lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries. Select this option to receive a battery kit that includes one 3S 4200 mAh 11.1v LiPo battery, a LiPo balance charger, and a LiPo bag for safely charging and transporting the battery. Don't limit your flight time to a single battery, select the option to receive up to three batteries with your kit!

  • APM 2.6 Autopilot System
  • 3DR Power Module with XT60-Deans battery adapter
  • 3DR ublox GPS with Magnetometer
  • 850 Kv brushless motors
  • 20 Amp ESCs with SimonK firmware